Category: Fantasy

  • The curse of the coin of antiquity

    The curse of the coin of antiquity

    Genre: Fantasy Plot: An antique shop owner discovers a cursed medallion Words to use: dealer, chipped, time, history, bric-a-brac, possessed, power, wake, spirit, speciality, value, enslavement, relic, collection, rare. I have always loved old things from furniture to bric-a-brac. Things that have a history, even a dark one. The chipped bowl from long ago had a wonderful story to…

  • The Trees Can Talk

    The Trees Can Talk

    Genre: Fantasy Plot: A character buys a house surrounded by a forest of talking trees Words to use: branch, roots, bark, wind, whisper, secret, leaves, property, boundary, rumble, nest, sap, scatter, scent, seeds. The last of the leaves were scattered, blowing all around in the cold chill wind of autumn. Bianca had set her heart on the quaint house,…

  • My father’s coin collection

    My father’s coin collection

    Genre: Fantasy Plot: An inherited coin collection transports you to different worlds. Words to use: money, metal, mint, insignia, face, value, map, portal, chamber, door, travel, warp, time, will, heirloom. My father loved to collect money from all over the world. He had stories that connected him to his travels with all the metal coins and paper bills that was…

  • Altered Mind

    Altered Mind

    Waking up to a parallel world after an accident. Was it a dream? Or was it real?