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  • Taste of Death

    Taste of Death

    Genre: Historical Fiction Plot: A queen’s taste-tester who is immune to poison. Words to use: sacrifice, food, lie, deadly, bite, assassination, plot, royalty, revolution, spy, weapon, conspiracy, venom, choke, fear The queen’s visit to her summer home was anticipated by all those who served her. The staff was busying themselves for weeks, making sure everything…

  • Life of an Explorer.

    Life of an Explorer.

    Story: The Assistant to Marco Polo A work of fiction by Rachel Knepp Words to use: travel, world, seas, map, danger, mongols, china, court, ship, route, explorer, Venice, rivalry, risk, fame. Being the assistant to Marco Polo, the famous explorer was so exciting. Enrico dreamed of travel.  Seeing the world, marking off places on the map that he longed to see. He…