Monster Under the Bed

Genre: Horror

Plot: A child’s imaginary friend turns out to be a serial killer

Words to use: ghost, memory, belief, mind, play, innocence, violate, shadow, vision, mate, pretend, fake, dream, reality, weapon

Little Timmy was such a precocious child with a vivid imagination. He would often play with his “friend” in his room, hours at a time. His friend’s name was billy. He would disappear like a ghost at supper time. His friend was like a dream or a vision. That what was what Timmy told his parents and that is what they believed.  He also told them that he reappeared after he was tucked in a night as a shadow on the wall.

At first his parents thought that it was cute that he had an imaginary friend. They knew he had a hard time at school finding friends. They thought that maybe a fake friend was better than no friend. Little Timmy had a mateand he would play pretend happily absorbed for hours. His parents thought that his belief in this invisible pal might help his mind cope with the recent losses in the family. So many in the family have lost their lives quite brutally recently. Timmy seemed to be around at the time but he wasn’t suspected of anything wrong. He would not violate what was natural, it was pure childish innocence. His memory surrounding each event was vague, a lapse in memory. He was unable to recall any part of what happened at the time.

The reality of the “imaginary” friend dream was actually a nightmare. Billy was real. A psychopath on the hunt for victims. A lust for blood was drawn to the two people in Timmy’s life that didn’t pay attention to him enough. The weapon was easily accessible. They were unsuspecting, caught by surprise when the shadow became their nightmare. The monster under the bed. 

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