Goodness and Light

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

Plot: An orphanage with a history of criminals

Words to use: abandon, revenge, trauma, leave, raise, gene, lineage, training, army, league, recruit, base, weapon, program, brainwash 

The dead leaves rustled in the cold breeze of early winter outside the derelict building. An orphanage of much macabre repute. The echos of trauma drawing breath within the vast broken walls and hallways. It was as if revenge of all the lost souls who walked those ancient maple floors, broken just like the occupants who once lived there. No pretty little songs of children, of joyful abandon you could find under the rotting roof tiles. Just despair and ruin. 

This was a base of an old operation. The program was set up which required recruits and it took advantage of those whose gene pool was dubious already. The roughest folk of the past. Their lineage was ruffians and filled with violence but it was something that could be used as a weapon. To brainwash an already distorted brain was just a bit easier for the army those in charge wanted. It wasn’t just a secret it had become a legend. There was whispers of the training; to turn evil into another league all together. 

When the training ended, as the story says, there was a type of graduation. A dedication to the cause. It began with the first requirement. It was always diabolical but varied depending on the weakness of the recruit. It was always at this point, upon successful completion, they were allowed to leave. Never before. That came with other consequences.

Although these were humans deemed as evil based on family lineage, that was never always 100 % accurate. There was the occasional flawed one with goodness deep within their psyche that shined but never quite strong enough to overcome the will of those in charge. Until one day.

The end of the operation began with one such good one. One who would raise their hand in objection. Despite consequences, they dared to fight with the light within them. They conquered the bad with the good because despite their lineage, the good was more powerful. With this one, it ended the nightmare for those who may be subject to the idealization of this operation. This is why the decay of the building. The total abandonment of a scheme. Their hope was lost, a new one found amongst the goodness of nature.

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