Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: A stowaway on the first submarine.

Words to use: nuclear, deep, sea, periscope, oxygen, quarters, captain, navy, submerge, underwater, missile, force, escape, spy, danger.

The first nuclear submarine was quite the talk of those in the know, for all the plans were a closely guarded Navy secret. No one was to know the plans. The crew was preparing for the first submersion. Everyone was busy checking all the mechanics, preparation was key to the success of this mission. The captain had sent a crewman down to check on the missilethat was onboard. There was so much going on onboard, it was hard to figure out who was where but they were preparing to submerge fully anyway. 

The crews quarters was deep down in the submarine. The activities were concentrated within the other main parts of the vessel. It wasn’t an easy place to hide but manageable for a skilled stowaway. A spy sent to take over and bring it back to his government would be prepared to do whatever he needed to get the job done. He had his oxygen tank and his knife to cut through the bag he was hiding in if needed. Pretending to be a crew member he was able to sabotage the controls that operated the oxygen tanks.

The captain was barking orders while they were heading toward the open sea. He was looking through the periscope in between orders. The map was marked on the area they were headed, the deepest part of the sea. There was no indication to the danger they were facing while they went deeper and deeper. Dive! The time was to go completely underwater. The force of the water was felt through the entire machine as went down. 

The time for escape from his hiding place was coming quickly. He had set a timer and it was going to be on time. Perfect for his escape and victory over his enemy. It was time to write a passage for the history books. It was the changing of the tide. 

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