Mission: failed.

Genre: romance

Plot: An assassin who falls for their target

Words to use: kill, list, hire, sniper, lens, doubt, duty, mark, spy, allure, attraction, bond, instinct, trigger, bullet.

The text came in with just a picture. It came from a burner phone, someone he never met, but an anonymous employer who would hire him for a job. The image was of a woman, blond, athletic build. She had a beautiful face he thought but that wasn’t a part of the job. He had to make a contact first with her, track her moments, find the best time, his instinct was working overtime. The mark was to never know they were being followed and watched. It was something that he was good at and that is why the agency wanted him. The allure of women’s faces usually didn’t have an effect on him, John Montgomery was 100% professional at all times. He was a spyfirst but this was a side job the agency needed at times. Part of his training was not just how to handle guns and shoot accurately but included weapons of all kinds. 

He went through the file, a timeline and told him some details of her life. The generic routine and it was up to him to confirm. She was just on a kill list and it wasn’t personal. Not that meant anything to the family members after the fact. His duty was to the job and he learned that things went well for him when he accomplished his mission. 

The sniper rifle was in its case next to the bed in the derelict motel on the outskirts of the city. He wasn’t noticed amongst the riff-raff that frequented it on a hourly basis. 

He got into his car to travel to where she would be that day. The next few days will be spent following, without the mark knowing they were being followed. The best time and place would present itself. He was a professional and had great instinct for these things.

She had gone into a shop, customers and visitors were milling around. He got out of his vehicle to get a better look and he thought he would grab a coffee next door. Play things cool. Be normal. He had let his guard down while he was trying to leave the coffee shop because of all those around him as he was leaving, he ran into the one person he didn’t want to run into. Coffee went everywhere and there were apologies exchanged without the realization of who it was at first. Then their eyes locked. He knew it was a mistake. An attraction was felt between the two. A spark like they write about his books. You didn’t want to form a bond with someone you were hired to kill. 

“Can I get you another coffee?” She said. He was speechless at first but was able to mumble a no thank you. He was fine he declared. 

“I am Grace.” She told him without looking away from him.

“My name is Sam,” he managed to stumble out his lie professionally still even though it was difficult in the situation.

“It is nice to meet you Sam even though it was under these circumstances. Are you here often. Maybe we will run into each other again.” She giggled a bit realizing that she was making a joke about what happened without realizing it before it came out of her mouth. 

“On occasion. Maybe we will meet again.” She looked disappointed but nodded. “Okay, maybe.” She said.

She half reluctantly left him standing there, coffee still dripping from the damaged cup still in his hand. 

When she was out of range of sight, he threw the cup away and got back into his car. He had to be quick to pick up her movements. According to the file, she usually found a spot that was less occupied of others but hiding places for him. A park, surrounded by 3 story buildings on the back side. The park was small with a few benches. The view was of the river and you could watch the big ships and leisure boats go back and forth. He was able to find a spot where he could hide with the rifle and look through the lensdirectly at her sitting on one of the benches. A finger on the trigger but something had crept into his stomach. A feeling of doubt. The bullet was ready to go but he watched as her strawberry blond hair was dancing in the breeze. He eased back, removing the sight he had on her for a moment, rubbing his eyes, slumping back in unease. He was trying to process these new emotions. When he returned to his job, repositioning himself, she was gone and he searched the area but she was completely gone and he breathed a sigh of relief. He had missed the opportunity and he had to report back about his failure. He smiled to himself while he put the gun back in its case. “That’s okay” he thought to himself. 

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