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  • The Case of the Guilty Art Collector

    The Case of the Guilty Art Collector

    Genre: Mystery Plot: An art curator is arrested for murder based off of their collection. Words to use: Artist, portray, weapon, clue, puzzle, anonymous, witness, exhibition, collector, staged, plot, scenes, gallery, memory, abstract The puzzle was finally solved. Or so they thought. The art curator of the local gallery was being led through the swarm of onlookers on the…

  • Art of a Killer

    Art of a Killer

    Genre: Mystery & Suspense Plot: A child’s artwork corresponds to a series of murders in town. Words to use: school, painting, disturbing, image, repulsive, insight, clue, danger, witness, deep, understanding, communication, help, sociopath, outlet. Art class was Alice’s favorite class in school.  She loved to paint and draw. Her paintings were often of sunsets and houses with…