The Case of the Guilty Art Collector

Genre: Mystery

Plot: An art curator is arrested for murder based off of their collection.

Words to use: Artist, portray, weapon, clue, puzzle, anonymous, witness, exhibition, collector, staged, plot, scenes, gallery, memory, abstract

The puzzle was finally solved. Or so they thought. The art curator of the local gallery was being led through the swarm of onlookers on the street outside his home. The gawkers were curious about this breath through in the case and his being arrested was quite a spectacle. It was based on an anonymous tip the cops received about the personal gallery of the curator. The friend was no friend to the curator. He was a witness, a reliable one, who had first hand knowledge of the collector. 

The small town had recently gotten a crime unit, a sign of the times. It was just in time. The unit was small but it was a small town after all. There was incident of robbery and some domestic violence but people felt safe…until recently.

With the beginning of the unit, it was baptized by a string of grizzly murders that has had the local area afraid for their lives.  After a year of bodies turning up, a few clues left, and no suspects they had their break in the cases. This arrest was a god send for the residents of this small town. 

Det. Robertson stood facing the wall of art that the curator had on the wall of an underground hideaway he had in the basement of his home. It came all from the same artist. The murder scenes were definitely staged, the detective had come to that conclusion 3 murders ago. Each had the same clue of a carnation that lied on top of each victim. It was some demented plot by the perpetrator. Only thing that was missing on the scene was the weapon. It was something that Det. Robertson had never encountered. He was used to seeing dead bodies, although he still made him sick what humans did to other humans, but he has been able to get on with the job and get justice for the victims. 

In the musty basement, hanging up right before him a wall of nightmares.  It included details that were only found out by the pathologist upon the autopsy results. Here in each portrait was the weapon painted right beside the victim showing how they died. Each painting was in a different genre, even an abstract, where you could see each side of the scene in 2 dimension. This was going to be seared in the memory of the detective for years. To portray all these details, including those only known by the perpetrator, was definite guilt for him. He would set up the art exhibition before the DA to show him the evidence. He was sure the curator would confess based on what they had against him. The entire unit was relieved but their relief was short lived. The detective heard in the area farther back of the room, a voice calling his name. Looking for the voice, with astonishment, he knew what the other detective was calling his name for and it was shocking. Another wall of art. Of crimes that they were unfamiliar with for his recent appointment as detective in this small town. He shivered like someone walked across his grave. “This doesn’t look good…”

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