Genre: Detective fiction 

Plot: A special agent is called abroad to investigate a streak of missing people.

Words to use: vanish, disappear, foreigner, getaway, seclusion, off-the-grid, patted, link, connection, story, citizen, setup, lure, kidnap, murder.

The newspapers again splashed the headlines from Europe, Vanished – Another one is Missing. The words in the articles were always bleak. They usually are when someone disappears – a kidnap by person unknown. How can so many people vanish from the world and disappear so quickly in succession and have they found any clues. The newspapers never say but of course they wouldn’t be so imprudent as to give too much away to the public. Each incident did happen in a variety of countries under suspicious circumstances. I knew eventually the call for my special team of investigators would come soon. I was hoping to not have to go so far this time but we had valuable expertise in this field of investigation. This newest case was a high ranking citizen of the country which changed things for us. The desperation of the officials were obvious to me, I have seen it so many times. Too many times. 

The call did come just a week later. It was very early call that woke me from sleep. It was not a time for a getaway but this would be no time for entertainment and fun. 

We left not so long after the call by a special air flight scheduled by the government of the foreign country of the latest disappearance. I was led to a the plane surrounded the other agents of the team. We didn’t need to be patted down in this situation because of our professional capacity as special investigators. It made things go much quicker. 

I understood the officials were seemingly at a loss at how to solve all these cases. All the questions of that surrounded each instance of kidnapping were numerous and confusing. The scene at the airport was organized and we dutifully took off in our place and we entered the clouds heading to our destination which will take a number of hours. While we were traveling, we got more details of each story behind each individual. There were some speculations of the connection between each person that had disappeared. It had me thinking about so many possibilities, are they being held close by, off-the-grid, or will they be killed or were they killed right away and bodies hidden somewhere? That will go beyond kidnapping to murder. I always wanted to hope for the best but the odds were not in our favor. 

We read the files that were available for law enforcement. All the details that were known were included, back grounds, and the like. Was there a possible lure, maybe a set-up. there was so much yet so much we didn’t know that we must find out. I needed to absorb all what is known and what needed to be known to solve these disappearances. My sense of justice was deep and profound. My team and I must get to the answers to all the questions and get these people home. 

As we land, there was excitement at our arrival and quickly we descended the plane into the waiting cars to our next destination. The urgency of our mission we understood all too well. 

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