Jasper the Toy Maker

Genre: Action/Adventure

Plot: A toy maker discovers his company is sold to criminals with nefarious plans for his toys.

Words to use: machine, factory, tinker, novelty, collection, production, violence, defile, abomination, evil, franchise, distribute, cover-up, abuse, plant

Jasper Evergreen loved to tinker. Ever since he was a boy he loved to make toys. I began as something just for him to enjoy but then he saw that others loved his toys too he expanded his toy collection. He made every kind of novelty that you could imagine from train to puppet.

When he grew up he started his own factory, WhimsiCraft Creations. It grew into quite a franchise with and a machine for each type of toy that he personally designed.

He found great trouble though because people lost interest in his toys. Little boys and girls wanted more exciting toys to play with now. His production stopped.

He decided to sell his company to see if it could be saved. Maybe. He didn’t get what he bargained for though. The new company allowed him to stay with the company he loved but the evil Jasper had discovered was an abomination

The plant where the toys were created had become a scene of violenceand a cover-up of some nefarious deeds. “How dare they defile my toys!” He threw his hands up in the air in disgust. The abuse of their power was great and unforgivable. 

“How can I allow them to distribute my precious toys with my name attached. No!…a thousand times No!!!” He screamed on factory floor. He was dragged out by four large men of the company. 

Poor Jasper decided to leave the company, not out of willingness on his part, but that was the rumor. A very believable rumor since Jasper Evergreen was never heard from again.. 

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