Forbidden Territory

Genre: Western

Plot: A detour in the road leads a person to unknown territory 

Words to use: mystery, threat, path, fork, boundary, border, step, line, crossing distraction, direction, swarm, trap, forbidden, execution.

I set upon my journey with all my worldly goods, tied as bundles on my horse, Henry, early one morn. I wanted to get on the road early to get a head start on the comin bad weather that was about to set upon us. The path was clear, some town folk told me, so I was ever hopeful. The threatof bad weather always plagued man on his travels through the wild western frontier. I had my plan and was going to execute it in a timely manner. I was a cautious, even tempered man. Never lookin for a fight or givin me more trouble than I outta. It has kept me alive alive my two score years of life on this earth

Henry and I was headin through the miles of dried weeds and shrubs, dotted with a few stunted trees, all thirsty for water. The herds of wild horses was a crossing distraction for us. As Henry and me was headed to the border, the boundary of the county of Dustridge, we had stumbled upon a fork in the road. It had been years since I have traveled this road and couldn’t for the life of me remember it. Since so many years passed since travelin I wasn’t sure which direction to go in this instance. The mystery had me a wonderin if I was even going the right way. But headin to the left fork, we continued our way with high hopes of being correct. 

A man and his trusty horse faced many a hazard on the roads and trails. Sometimes your life was in danger without realizin it till it was too late to turn back. I was hopeful this wasn’t the case for me and Henry. Some places were just forbidden all together but that line you don’t cross. You know better or else. Taking the wrong step before thinkin had you pushin up daisies before you knew it.

While we traveled west we found ourselves with trees growin denser and denser. I heard the sound of rushing water drawin closer and thought it was time for us to stop for a rest and a quick drink for Henry. I could refresh my own water bottle as well to continue on our long trek. What I didn’t expect was the swarm of flies that got thicker as we approached the sound of running water. The creek was filled with river rock that was sparkled from the streams of sunlight through dense leaves. What wasn’t typical was the stacks of dead bodies that laid all around the creek bed like old trees that were felled. The pit of my stomach felt sick, the danger was apparent. This was a fatal trap set for the execution of all those who encroached about forbidden land. 

With quick movement, Henry and me turned around quicker as all could get out, hoping against all hope that this wasn’t our doom. Kicking Henry with my spurs, I encouraged our quick departure, not looking back. We got back to the fork in the road and headed toward the right this time, grateful that lying on the ground near that creek was our fate this time. 

With more trepidation than when we first left after our experience, we continued our way to our planned destination, ever wiser and grateful to be alive. 

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