The Parts Trade

Genre: Action/Adventure

Plot: A black-market organ dealer who wants out.

Words to use: Body, illegal, underworld, mobster, haul, criminal, web, exporter, deal, purchased, monopoly, fridge, container, victim, auction.

Leading a double life had just become as natural as breathing. Straddling the line between legal and illegal was just normal for me now. There was no more line between those two concepts. It was just normal life. My entrance into the underworld of dealing organs, usually not ethically acquired, was just something that I fell into without truly understanding of the consequences of those actions. There was a monopoly on organs, all ran by one man. 

It started easily enough. I was a transporter of organs already. They were legal and desperately needed by family and friends of loved ones who needed a new body part. Their desperation was a highly contagious emotion. They watched as the body of their loved one struggle to survive with it breaking down. When waiting wasn’t an option it was purchasedthrough the dark web. sometimes it was set up as an auction sometimes just a deal that required much more than money. 

The mobster I worked for called me into a meeting at one of his seemingly abandoned warehouses where his criminal operations were under way. It was busy with activity. The room was quite large, with a truck containerand an industrial fridge. He had a problem with some exporter that he was using he said nonchalantly. His oversees operations was in trouble. The shipments were being caught in an increased rate and he was suspicious. The problem he wasn’t sure who was the leak since there was no proof that the exporter was the mole or if it was someone else. He had a job for me, something that he made clear I couldn’t say no to without the severe consequence of my becoming a victim.  My stomach churned in anxiety. It was beyond just being a broker in organs that saved lives ultimately, so I thought. This was something else entirely. I had to make my plans for escape. It was time to utilize all my contacts and disappear, forever. 

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