For sale

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot: A city planner is contracted to build the first colony on the moon.

Words to use: crater, urban, nest, map, corporation, space, galaxy, gravity, risk, emigration, orbit, eclipse, shadow, creature, unexpected.

I was looking through my telescope, looking at the moon. The bright luminous rock that will once be the home of many adventurers, including myself hopefully. The crater we wanted to start with was named Tycho. I had planned quite an urban development with the help of a corporation that wanted to expand their interests. First beyond our Earth, out into space and then hopefully the galaxy. Dream big was a part of their mission statement. 

At our last meeting, we spoke about some risk factors we were facing. Artificial gravity was being developed still and incorporated into the design. It was essential for humans to live with the comforts of home in their new environment. We had hoped that emigration to a new location to live would be popular. We understood the gamble though because there were many who opposed the idea along side those who supported the idea 100%. Our exploration of the moon was not as thorough as I would have liked it. There has been no indication of impending danger from the unknown at this time. These were all things we discussed at monthly planning meetings.

As the group was bending over the map before us, I said, “This is where we will put the oxygen generator which will travel through this main section then branch out to go to all the living areas of the main structures and individual homes.” They all nodded in agreement. 

“What kind of fail safes have you accounted for?” A man in the back chimed in the discussion. 

“We have back up and an also individual back up in all spaces in the case of an emergency.” I replied with full confidence in my design. “A satellite will be in orbit for communication with star station that will be monitoring all the systems, 24/7.”

There was a murmur that arose around the room. A voice in the back spoke again, “So when should operation “Nest” be operational?”

“Within the year. We have incorporated the artificial gravity and all the other designs are in the last testing phase so this will become a reality very soon.” I was excited to see my dream coming true. The excitement in the room rose with my announcement.

“The plan looks good. We are very excited to see this a reality. A new era for humanity.” Ms. Tru Smyth, the CEO of the company came up to me as everyone else was leaving. Our conversation was brief. I was quite proud of what we were accomplishing with the newest plan. It was all coming together. Hand shakes and good lucks were exchanged. 

We have been making progress with the project. The “nest” has been established. The exploration of the moon continued for a while. Testing soil and creating depth analysis. All to make sure all will be going on schedule as planned. It was just another level, more detailed testing and planning. We have chosen the crater a while ago and the astronaut/architects/builders have been laying down the markers and making their adjustments. There was no indications at this point of anything that could go wrong.

“What is that off in the distance?” one of the astronauts was pointing toward the distance on the top of the craters high edge. There was some movement he said. They easily dismissed it. It was actually during an eclipse. There may be anomalies. We didn’t know everything to know about the moon. We needed to do more exploring, especially on what we called the dark side of the moon. Only dark to those of us on Earth. 

“We need to move on. It was probably just your imagination.” He was slightly reassured but still not convinced. 

“I could have sworn I saw something move.” The sound echoed through their internal communication strangely.

“What was that?” A strange shadow appeared to moving closer to their location. It was a sight that was unexpected. They stood frozen, not sure what they were seeing. The communication technology kept creating waves of sound that echoed through their helmets. A creature drew closer. Communication feed ended with the last moments that they were heard from that day. 

“Base to nest, come in.” Silence on the other end. “Base to nest, can you hear me? Come in.” The looks of all those at the base headquarters travelled to one another with confusion and fear of the unknown. 

One of the technicians gasped. It was his monitor that frightened him. He was a face. A face that was unfamiliar. A fearful, monstrous, evil face. 

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