Evil Within

Genre: Action/Adventure

Plot: A serial killer who went dormant

Words to use: enemy, love, criminal, gruesome, victim, duty, morals, relationship, secrets, marriage, murder, criminal, passion, dilemma

The hot sun beat down the newspaper on the corner of the Main Street of town. A local paper filled with advertisements, death and marriage and little stories of town life. On the front page was nothing of interest to me but I was fascinated with what wasn’t on the page that morning, like every morning the last few months.

For the longest time, the most fascinating thing was front page news, a strings of murders the officials had attributed to a serial killer. Without too many details, the articles described some reasonings behind the conclusion of serial killers such as their MO. It was quite gruesome but strangely fascinating at the same time. I wonder where our interest in the criminal comes from in our society. It described each victim generally. A murder was no mere human interest story in the writers opinion. It described the lack of morals as well as thoughts and wishes for the family of each victim. We were still strangely drawn to the headlines. A very weird relationship with the killer had developed. With each murder, we were more drawn to the investigation and the uncovering of the culprit. The duty of each investigator was to uncover the truth. 

We were not going to have that satisfaction though. With the passing months of no new victims, no stories of speculation and opinions of professionals we were just left hanging without closure. The enemy was still out there but in silence. Our passion for justice not sated. I felt it left us with a dilemma on our hands. There were no arrests because it was unsolved. It was unresolved and we were left with no satisfaction of an ending. Just open ended story of lust and despair. The secretsunrevealed, left to the perpetrator to take with them to wherever they went so now the questions left remaining were the topic of small talk throughout the townsfolk. I wondered about it and often stared at the ceiling while trying to fall asleep while pondering the questions of what happened and why it happened at all. Why spend all this time with no resolution. I turned over to take my new medication one evening. It was something I have started taking a while back for restlessness, prescribed by my new psychiatrist. It certainly helped the nightmares. I settled into my bed with the sound of the fan overhead as background noise to quiet my mind of all the ideas twirling around it. Like most of those living here, I love my town and feared what it was doing to us as a community but at least it stopped. For now…

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