Mind Trap

Genre: Sci-fi

Story line: A trapped hypnotist must fight a way out of their own mind.

Words to use: pendulum, hallucination, slumber, control, zombie, repressed, unconscious, sense, waking, inner, lock, memory, prison, escape, coma.

The large pendulum on the old grandfather clock in the home office swiftly shifted back and forth in a typical rhythmic manner. Tick tok, tick tok. Back and forth in a constant beat. Although I had helped so many people in my practice, a new patient stepped into my life. He was a strong personality. His voice and manner were unsuspecting but his true intentions became obvious in our very first appointment.

We sat in my office like all the rest, me in my chair with my notes, he sat on the sofa just opposite me. When we started the session, things didn’t go as planned. Unlike the usual drifting off to a trance like state of my patients, I just heard his voice in the air along with the tick tock, tick tock in the distance of my own clock. The urge to drift off into slumber was overwhelming. They’re faces like those of a zombie, mindless, out of control. The control of the hypnotist isn’t absolute but irrefutable. We seem to be in your mind, probing around for the lost memory. The ones you lock away, hidden in the depths of the brain. 

This time though it was different. This client was different. I was starting to feel sleepy. Watching myself slowly drifting off, my own perspective go back and forth. Then gone. Into a coma of my own making. The hallucination of my own trapped memory gripped my hand strongly and dragged me along. My inner mind repelled the strength of what was forgotten. I felt trapped in the prison of memory, trying to escape. I remember stumbling upon a door, the lock was heart shaped and cold iron. I must find the key. See what was inside. The ice cold air escaping from underneath the door was like billowing smoke from a fire. A repressed memory of sadness and despair. I was trapped forever. Trapped in my mind and relentlessly brought before the door as a reminder of something that wanted to be forgotten.

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