Genre: Western

Plot: A Hidden Society is forced to reveal itself to the rest of the world.

Words to use: Expose, cellar, cave, veiled, bunker, doomsday, ultimatum, leverage, politics, survival, antics, display, hostage, mercy, solution.

The town was bustling with men in top hats, horse drawn carriages and paper boys shouting the latest news of the recent crime spree or gun fights between outlaws out west. The gun fights always caused a fuss amongst the business men and ladies doing their rounds of social engagements. There was particular rumors that sparked much speculation. The town folk would always talk about a doomsday group that operated secretly in an underground cave, but that was just talk. Stories of the Wild West were the most favorite amongst most of society but when the gentlemen would retire after dinner to their study for their pipe and whiskey they would also relay the latest story about this group and what they were up too. But they were too level headed to believe it. It was like the just nonsense ghost stories their nannies told in front of the fire in the nursery before bed time. The thing was, it was all true. And truly, to expose them was inevitable.

This was the story, at least part of it. It started many years ago, as in once upon a time, in an effort for human survival, a group was born out of apparent necessity. It seemed a solution to the near desolation of humanity. Many were held hostage by the thought of their complete annihilation. It created an atmosphere of fear and desperation. 

An ultimatum was forcefully put before a few of those of the government left to counter any future threat upon a group of supporters who was busy in politics and who had the means to do something drastic. They had developed leverage through time and dealings with them. They knew their pressure points and how to lean on and they put on the pressure to put forward this agenda of survival but with caveats. 

It doesn’t always go as planned and it transformed into another society completely. A criminal society. The agenda switched and the effects of their antics rippled through society just under the surface. 

For years they operated underground and they passed in the world as just whispers through high society at balls and soirées. It was veiled by those who secretly operated as part of the society, with rumors of hostage deals and outlandish stories of intrigue that people found unbelievable. That anyone could behave so ungentlemanly was nothing sort of shocking to the ears of silk and lace clothed ladies. The wildness of the west didn’t touch them and they went about their golden touched lives unaware of the dangers that surrounded them. It was a mercy to them to have this ignorance but it was temporary and the jolt in reality was going to upset many in the population. 

The revelation of their bunker was the first part of their exposure. It was a just a casual slip up during an investigation in something that was completely not related to the organization. It was the secret door that was stumbled upon by sheer dumb luck. It led deep down into their bunker and the whole operation was on full display. The find was beyond understanding and exhilarating to those who discovered it. It would be quite a feather in their cap to go before the authorities to show the proof of this secret society. All their plans were laid before them. It was something that no one could deny without making themselves suspects in the criminal conspiracy. It was the one thing that didn’t get exposed. Those who participated in the highest level. They remained annoyingly anonymous. 

So the society quietly dissolved. There are still rumors that spread through occasionally but that was where it remained. Under the waves of society going about their lives struggling through the Industrial Revolution. The great chasm between the haves and have nots, which spurned the event that created the need for the society to begin in the first place. 

Humans never learn. They don’t ponder the past mistakes to make sure they don’t happen again. They look forward. They survive the world with little understanding of what came before them. 

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