Once Upon a time…

Genre: Romance

Plot: A soldier falls in love with the daughter of the enemy

Words to use: battle, combat, warrior, revenge, armor, emotion, trust, attraction, assassin, resist, urge, duty, honor, passion, savior.

The battle was raging on the eastern front. The carnage was great on both sides. Not something that you would expect anything good to come from it, the result of revenge that festers in the heart of man. It all started with a love affair of an assassin and the daughter of the man, a King, who was the sworn enemy of a neighboring kingdom. 

The assassin was a brave man who was a true warrior for his king. This soldier had the king’s trust fully. He was a dashing figure in his shiny armor while in combat. He lead the kings men from the front of the battle lines, never shrinking back in cowardice. He was trusted and relied upon by the king, a savior of the kingdom. Only once did he shirk his duty, where his honor was challenged by men.

The king of the neighboring kingdom had a beautiful daughter whose spirit was beyond the realities of war and darkness. She was sheltered from all the evilness of war and carnage; only aware of the wonders of life and dreams of love and passion. The king doted on his only daughter, who was the only survivor of her birth. He was passionately devoted to his late wife, the queen, despite their marriage arrangement they had fallen in love with each other. Their life together was a meeting of two minds. A partnership in ruling a prosperous kingdom. It was the sadness of his loss was part of the impetus of the warring between the two nations. A mind unsettled and cantankerous with grief. Territorial disputes got out of hand. He didn’t have the queen by his side any longer. She was a diffuser of disputes between the king and others. They balanced each other into a harmonious symphony of power in the land.

The meeting of the honorable soldier and the beautiful princess was by chance. It occurred during a time of a fragile peace between the two kingdoms. The delegation of the king and his representatives were brokering peace talks between them. The fighting had been extensive and people were tired of war. To appease the people both kingdoms compromised and tried to put their differences aside for peace. He gazed down from a second  story window to see her glide through the gardens below. Her red hair flowed down her back and moved as the wind passed through her luxuriant tresses. She was to him a breath of fresh air. Her beauty made him loose sense of what was going on around him. He was transfixed on her as she walked gently down the stone walk way that traveled along the flowers of the grounds in the courtyard of the castle. She seemed to glow and he was instantly smitten. Gazing up, she caught his eye and smiled. She stood with her angelic face looking up him like in a trance. When their eyes met, they couldn’t look away. They were both transfixed. 

When the eyes of this war worn soldier and this beautiful princess met it was as if a millions years have passed within an instant. The attractionwas mutual. A chance meeting between these two people was the end of all that was hoped for with the two kingdoms. The urge to meet each other secretly neither could resist. Love is a human emotion that can be the most irresistible of all the emotions. It sweeps you away off to fairy land and if can end with despair. There can be danger when it is forbidden but the draw is irresistible. Although it was brief, it was intense. They were intertwined in each of their spirits that was unbreakable, despite the dangers.

Their love and passion remain in myth and legend, captured in the songs of both kingdoms. A tale of devotion mixed with the sadness of war and strife. A tale of hope during the melancholy of the reality of war and strife. There is a mound of rock upon the area of their supposed meeting place as a memorial. A place where thorns and delicate flowers mingle and grow along each other in harmony. It has been long forgotten by most, but their spirit lingers on forever. A spirit of love and hope.

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